“Never be afraid of your own voice. In a lot of ways (both subtle and overt), society pressures women into silence by demanding that they keep quiet and take up as little of everybody’s space and time as possible. Donna Noble demands that everybody shut the hell up because she has a lot of really important things to say. She was the most vocal about her opinions of any of the Doctor’s most recent companions. And, the great thing about it was, she wasn’t just loud, she was outstandingly confident. She walked into a room and she made people notice her. She demanded that people listen, whether they were the General of a top secret military task force or a centuries-old Time Lord with a God complex. She made it known from the get-go that she would not be ignored. That assertiveness prompted the Doctor to actively seek out her insight and opinions throughout their journey together. She made the world better by shouting at it. I respect the hell out of that. Not enough people in this world are open to listening to what we have to say, so sometimes we have to make them listen.” — Life Lessons From Donna Noble by Lauren sMash, from Persephone Magazine (via feministwhoniverse)




Which one do you want?

#and this is why I love rory #he’s not afraid to call the doctor on his shit #he doesn’t worship him like other companions do #he loves him sure #but when the doctor fucks up #he’s gonna be the one to tell him 

#I think it’s interesting that the Doctor uses the word ‘choice’ #because you know Rory doesn’t really have a choice here #they both know it #it’s not a choice between Amy outside the TARDIS or the one inside #it’s a choice for Rory to either confront the sadness the heartbreak and the guilt outside that door #or run from it #the Doctor is telling him to make that choice #the same Doctor who tried to run from all those things when he destroyed Gallifrey #the Doctor made the wrong choice but he had someone there to help put his life right again #Rory however….Rory’s more brave than the Doctor could ever be #Rory confronts the situation and doesn’t run #he makes the choice to not be like the Doctor but to be BETTER THAN #As the Doctor runs away from the impossible choice once more because he cannot bear the continuing guilt #Rory is there to stand up and be the human that the Doctor could never be (via lokiinthetardis)

#I think it all goes back to The Big Bang/The Pandorica Opens #The whole Why do you have to be so… human? Because I’m not right now thing #The Doctor can’t be Rory. He can’t be so human because in the end he has to be a Time Lord; /the/ Time Lord… the last one #I know we like to joke and moan about THE CURSE OF THE TIME LORDS! but in some cases it’s true #It’s why he left Gallifrey sure #But it’s also why it didn’t need saying #And why he’s always moving on #He’s the ultimate runaway and Rory is the boy who waited and furthermore stayed





According to IMDB, the name of Jenna-Louise Coleman’s companion…will let people make their own deductions on this matter!


No no no no no no no. Please let this not be what it seems. Stop touching things, Moffat!











Sherlock and Doctor Who: Here’s The Difference







Here’s the Difference:

The Doctor Who photo features a tall, slender, rather alien genius-boy running alongside a medical professional who is smitten with him.

The Sherlock photo……..Oh. OH.

Yes, but Sherlock has a long coat which billows out behind him when he runs.

The Doctor just ha-


Never mind.

Yes but Sherlock wears tight fitting suits and is smarter than your average human.

The Doctor’s just—


Yes, but in Doctor Who, the medical companion risks death in an attempt to save the lead character from the clutches of an evil, psychotic genius.

Wheras in Sherlock…. um……. Oh..

Yeah, but the Doctor Who companion jumps on board to help the lead even though she knows almost nothing about him and trusts him to solve their current problem that wasn’t even an issue until he arrived.

While In Sherlock… huh.

This is a thing that needs to be brought back.

Oh, but the Doctor had such wonderful hair that makes you want to tie him down and run your finds through it. Sherlock just has……. Oh…. Never mind.

Yes but in Doctor Who the two of them met in a hospital in London, whereas in Sherlock.… uhh… oh

Yes. But. As Foz Meadows points out, this is not necessarily a charming or positive thing.






When Martha said this, it wasn’t because she was a bitch, or she had a superiority complex, or she was self-centred.

Can we all remember for a moment what Martha did for the Doctor?

She spent six months working as a maid in 1913 England.

A medical student, from a time when, while racism existed, she was recognized as intelligent and capable and a human being.

She worked. In an utterly racist society. AS A MAID. For six months. For him.

Then, when he got kidnapped and aged by the Master, instead of giving up, she gave a WHOLE YEAR to walking around and telling the whole world how good the Doctor was, and how much he deserved their trust. If she hadn’t, the world wouldn’t have made it. Everyone would be dead. If not for Martha Jones.

She saved Shakespeare’s life. She kept the Doctor alive from the Judoons on MARS before she even knew who he was. She fought off aliens and broke an anti-aging machine, fighting her family’s disapproval all the way.

And through all of that, the Doctor never loved her.

Not that that was his fault. I’ve posted about this before. But still.

He didn’t love her.

And she loved him.

And she’d given her whole self up to him.

At this moment, she does the bravest thing any human being can do. She realizes she’s in a relationship that’s unfair to her, and so she walks away.

If knowing my own self-worth and demanding respect from the people I love makes me a bitch, then I don’t want to be anything else.

 All of this is why I LOVE Martha!!!!

I love all this. Martha is my favorite companion.

But the Judoon thing happened on the moon.

“Judoon platoon upon the moon.”

I am pedantic and the worst.

I don’t understand how people can hate Martha. I always assume that if you hate her, you are either sexist or racist, and probably both.

I don’t usually make that assumption, or say anything like that, but- Martha. Martha. How can anyone hate her?

Martha haters are horrible people, end of story.

Also, this moment is really elegant, and gracious. She knows he doesn’t love her, and that he doesn’t get that she loves him, and this moment is as much about preserving the goodwill between them, about not blaming him, as it is about treating herself the way she deserves to be treated. It’s not self-serving or bitter, it’s about parting friends. The Doctor respects her bravery and her cleverness, even if he’s too dense to see what’s going on. She’s not just taking care of herself; in her own way, she’s making sure they part friends. Because she gets that her own unrequited crush is her own business, and it’s unfair to burden other people with it, as much as she gets that she can do better and deserves to do better. Because she’s a perfect, beautiful, amazing person.

Seriously. How can anyone not love her?





Steven Moffat’s production, it is seen… He likes to break hearts.

Heart-breaking bastard.

This is my problem as a viewer.

Other people see this and think “heartbreak.”

I see this and think “unoriginal.”

this is my problem as a viewer.

no matter how many times i see it, no matter who the characters are, it will break my heart every time.

but i am a certifiable sap. so.

Just to clarify: I will devour the same story again and again and again, I will hunt down repetitive stories shamelessly. Got a spy story? You bet I’ll at least try it. I’ve seen A Few Good Men so many times I can recite it in my sleep,  I, too, am a certifiable sap. I cry listening to “Someone Like You” like everyone else, I’ve yet to come across a version of “Beauty and the Beast” that I won’t try watching or reading at least once.and the speech in “20 Hours in America” makes me cry every damn time. (“They ran into the fire:” cue the waterworks.)

I just don’t like reading or watching the same story from the same creator over and over again.

Moffat’s only got two shows on the air right now, basically. And both of them have done the exact same thing, more than once.

Compare that to, say, JJ Abrams; a more hours into “Fringe” and “Lost” than I am into “Doctor Who” and “Sherlock,” “Fringe” and “Lost” still feel totally discrete and original. “Doctor Who” and “Sherlock” feel like perverse, disintegrating copies of each other. Even Aaron Sorkin, who literally resuses dialogue, still manages to bring forth shows that feel more distinct from one another.



Steven Moffat’s production, it is seen… He likes to break hearts.

Heart-breaking bastard.

This is my problem as a viewer.

Other people see this and think “heartbreak.”

I see this and think “unoriginal.”