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  • David: Arrest me, Emma, do it.
  • Emma: David, those fingerprints weren’t yours. They were Mary Margaret’s.
  • David: 
  • Mary Margaret: 
  • Emma: Now comes the fun part where I arrest my mother for allegedly murdering my not-really-stepmother, even though she's really being framed by her stepmother, my step-grandmother, who is also responsible for the murder of my grandfather-- her father-- and her boyfriend who was also my boyfriend and who she hired to murder my mother.
  • Emma: God. It's like fucking Days of Our Lives over here.

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No one decides my fate but me.

And Regina, apparently. 


I feel like I’m the only straight person in this fandom. I’m frightened.

What? There is So. Much. Het. Fic. In. This. Fandom. I think it’s one of the most heterosexual fandoms I’ve ever seen (which is not surprising since the show is, like, the most heternormative costume party ever).

Also, you’re scared? Really? Cry moar, troll harder, gtfo.

In this episode, Fantasyland became a dystopia.



So, in this episode, we found out that the source of all magic in the Fantasyland comes from the enslavement of miners brainwashed from birth to accept the dictatorship of the fairies. In short, in this universe, the source of magic is the fantasy equivalent of North Korea.

The dwarves are hatched and instantaneously indoctrinated with the ideology that they were born for the mines. They’re then given names by their pickaxes, further reinforcing the link between identity and acceptance of the existing social order. To shake off this lifestyle, they would have to abandon their own names. Notice how they were very friendly and encouraging of Dreamy’s dreams until he threatened to undermine the big lie at the center of this system of control: “There’s no place for you outside the mines.”

Plus, the whole establishment is presided over by a racially-determined junta, the fairies, which rules through intermediaries to ensure minimal contact between the ruling class and their workers. They do this to ensure that they have power to manipulate events as they see fit. When do they offer help? Why do they offer help? To ensure that those they want receive and maintain power. Do they try to stop Jimminy from killing those two people? No, they just turn him into a cricket to make sure someone sympathetic to the fairies has the ear of those in power.

So basically everyone owes Regina a big “thank you” cause, from what we’ve seen, fairy tale world is a dysfunctional piece of shit.

“Do we have a deal?”

detritius replied to your post: Watching OUAT 1.14 “Dreamy”

I’m glad I’m not the only one who found this episode cliched and cringe-worthy in places. I’m pretty sure I facepalmed my way through the early fairy tale scenes. The Storybrooke storyline had some good moments, but otherwise, so not worth it.

If you ever find something in OUAT cliched and cringe-worthy, and you’re worried that someone doesn’t agree with you… Chances are I’ll agree with you.

I am increasingly impressed by the amount of effort the cast is putting into this ridiculous show, though. The number of people who insist on behaving like they’re reading a much better script than I’m hearing is… It gives me emotions. I want to hug them all.

Sorry about the hideous ellipses. Clearly my brain is fried. It’s an unfortunate side-effect of squealing fairies and silly costumes.

umbrellastandmagnetism replied to your post: Watching OUAT 1.14 “Dreamy”

Ugh, yes, letdown. But on the bright side, relatively minimal David/Mary-Margaret. And more snark than usual. I hate the writers but at least they managed to work Belle in…

That was… Barely worth it. But still, it could have been worse! At least she’s not in a tower being tortured by religious zealots! I mean, it’s sad that she’s all mopey, but at least she’s choosing to mope. Belle + agency = otp 5eva.